The members of the Orchestra generally come from the Tayside region. When needed, extra musicians come from Edinburgh or Glasgow to fill necessary positions for our concerts. Most of the Orchestra members are amateur musicians but a good number are music teachers or ex-professional musicians. Professions range between primary school teachers, lawyers, doctors, paramedics, academics, forensic officers, librarians, museum curators, nursery garden owners and administrators as well as students and school pupils. What matters most is a love of music and the joy in creating music together.

Anyone wishing to join us should have a minimum of Grade 6 and preferably Grade 8 in their orchestral instrument. A yearly bursary is offered to exceptional students studying music at the Conservatoire, Music Colleges or Universities.

The musicians currently include:

Violins 1: Laurence Dunn, Christine Mollison, Maria Townsend, Karys Watt, Kirsten Thomson, Joseph Hibbs, Keira Mitchell

Violins 2: Aileen Ainslie, Mary Veal, Karen Egerton, Sheena Mather, Campbell Smith, Emily Middleton, Heather Gordon, Gillian O’Connor, Elizabeth McCulloch

Violas: Robert Dick, David Gill, Stewart McMurdo, Hetty Haxworth

Cellos: Jennie Galvin, Donald Gordon, Elizabeth Baillie, Rachel Benvie, Andrew Taylor

Basses: Philip Smith, Alan Anderson

Flutes: Claire Echevaria, Heather Crabb

Oboes: Geoffrey Bridge, Anne Webster

Clarinets: Bob Thomson, Isobel Luke

Bassoons: Aileen Taylor, Ishbel Duncan

French Horns: Lindsay Miller, Ruth Irons, Kit McCarthy, Francois De Villiers

Trumpets: Colin Sangster, Kristina Fairweather, Samuel Hill

Trombones: John Scott, Gordon Robertson, Ewan Taylor

Tuba: Gary Purvey

Timpani: Peter Ney

Percussion: Brodie McCash, Murray Bartle, Robert Allan

Keyboard: Marina Kyle